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Wondering what all the fuss about LED lighting is?  Worried about LED lamps being another ‘eco’ fad?  Well here’s our lowdown on LED lighting and their advantages and why you should choose them over other lighting options:

 Up to 90% energy saving

Delivering cash paybacks averaging 12-18 months, some products as quickly as 5 months, based on energy savings alone

When looking to improve energy efficiency, LED lighting sources have become the number one recommendation

No other technology change offers the same level of power reduction whilst maintaining or improving operational performance

Reduced maintenance costs

Significant savings achieved through lower maintenance bills from product lifetimes being typically between 12-15 years, up to 15x longer than conventional lamps

All products come with a minimum 3-year guarantee, most with 5 years – a good LED lighting product should be fit-and-forget

Improved lighting output is achieved throughout the whole lifetime of the LED unit when comparing with traditional equivalents

Boost staff productivity levels

LED lighting improves internal environments through superior quality light

>>  Instant lamp start up

>>  No flickering or humming

>> No Ultra-violet or Infrared radiation

  • Eyestrain associated with poor lighting is cited as a major cause of headaches in workers, with UV radiation damaging the eye lens and cornea as well as causing skin cancer.
  • A Cornell university study said good lighting could improve employee productivity by 3-5%

Financial Support

Your organisation may be eligible for funding or finance schemes supported by the government at zero extra cost

For businesses in England, Wales and Scotland funding up to £5,000 is available for upgrading to LED lighting via the Green Business Fund.

Energy Efficiency Financing at 0% is also available for businesses based in Wales and Northern Ireland.

Both schemes are provided by the Carbon Trust.

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Salix Finance is for public sector organisations funded by the Department of Energy and Climate Change for England and the Scottish and Welsh governments, providing 100% interest-free capital to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions


Further benefits possible in tax relief

Claim back your purchasing & installation costs of LED lighting via Enhanced Capital Allowances

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Improve your business’s environmental profile and reduce Carbon Reduction Commitment payments

In terms of carbon abatement LED lighting provides some of the best ratios available, especially when comparing the amount invested per tonne of carbon reduced 1

Direct replacements for all installations

It doesn’t matter whether the existing lighting is incandescent, fluorescent, metal halide or sodium

For both indoors & outdoors, all sectors can take advantage of the LED revolution

Office / Retail / Industrial / Education / Healthcare / Hospitality / Sporting / Residential

Typical Savings

Here are some example savings we have seen when changing to LEDs, based on energy savings alone:

24/7 Shared Offices

for the communal areas, exterior & car park lighting

Annual electricity costs before = £6,716

Annual electricity costs after = £2,047

Annual savings = £4,668

Project cost = £4,889

ROI = 95%

Payback via energy savings = 1yr

Distribution Warehouse

upgrade of lighting to provide improved & uniformed lighting levels

Annual electricity costs before = £16,628

Annual electricity costs after = £3,627

Annual savings = £13,000

Project cost = £15,817

ROI = 82%

Payback via energy savings = 1.2yrs

School Classrooms

lighting change from T8 fluorescents to LED tubes

Annual electricity costs before = £5,890

Annual electricity costs after = £1,840

Annual savings = £4,049

Project cost = £9,524

ROI = 43%

Payback via energy savings = 2.3yrs

>>  Click here for further examples of the Business Case for LED lighting

Switch to LED for the quickest and easiest saving you can make!

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1 Carbon Trust.  LED revolution puts lighting top of the energy efficiency agenda.  URL: http://www.carbontrust.com/news/2014/03/led-revolution-puts-lighting-top-of-the-energy-efficiency-agenda (2nd June 2014)