THORNeco LED Range Launched For Greater Savings

THORNeco and Liht LED lighting

The new THORNeco LED lighting range has been launched by Thorn to increase savings for budget and reduce energy costs further.

Termed as ‘Economical LED Lighting’, the new Thorn range compiles state-of-the-art LED luminaires that are ideal for the like-for-like replacement of all traditional lighting sources within Office, Education, Industrial and Outdoor Applications.

Their eco products are designed to fulfil the needs of the modern customer by providing an increased quality of lighting, substantial energy savings and a longer life span. Their range is labelled as simple to install, requires minimal maintenance and need fewer replacement parts.

The eco range is supported by the technical competence and experience of the Zumtobel Group – 50,000 hour lifetimes to L70 and standard 5 year warranties – making them a number one choice for economical LED lighting solutions.

Liht can supply the full range direct to site, so please call 0330 2233939 or email us for project pricing.

To view the full Eco range, see the brochure here.