Salix Finance for LED lighting

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Salix Finance has become the answer for the public sector to fund projects that improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.


Who is Salix Finance?

Salix Finance is an independent and publicly funded organisation, supported by the Government, delivering 100% interest-free capital for energy efficiency projects in England, Scotland and Wales.

Operating a number of interest-free loan programs, Salix is a proven and effective way of reducing costs and allowing for additional funds to be spent elsewhere…

Since its formation in 2004 up to 31 March 2016, Salix has helped over 1,400 clients to commit 14,436 projects valued at £462.9 million.

All projects are forecast to save 613,793 tonnes of CO2 annually.

Who can apply?

Eligible organisations include:

Local authorities and their schools

Further & higher education

NHS and emergency services

Scottish Government and its executive agencies (such as Transport Scotland and Scottish Enterprise)

How does it work?

Projects will only be funded so long as they meet certain criteria, such as an energy saving payback within a certain time period (usually 5 years).

The finance agreement will cover all costs of purchasing and installing the relevant energy saving technologies.

Repayments will be covered by the energy savings of the newly installed technology/ies, so there will never be an unexpected outlay coming out of a planned budget.

For further information please the notes for each of the Salix programmes available:

How Liht can help

By working with Liht and our partners you will receive assistance throughout the process… from selection of the most suitable LED products for your needs, submitting a successful application, to supply and installation of a fully completed project.

Plus, not only can the latest LED lighting be installed, but so too can other energy saving technologies that will reduce heating costs and water use.

A fully completed project will ensure ultimate energy savings are realised quickly, so removing the difficulty of raising funds for projects that would otherwise be viewed as a long-term and costly outlay.

For further information and to hear how we can help call us on 01793 617376 or contact us: