Liht visits Italy for special tour of the iGuzzini Factory

iGuzzini Tour

Liht was thrilled to receive an invitation to attend a three day factory tour of iGuzzini (the leading Lighting Design Company in Italy), whom Liht is proud to supply.

The food and architecture enjoyed during iGuzzini trip
Food and architecture enjoyed during Liht’s iGuzzini factory tour

Liht’s Italian Light Experience

After flying to Ancona and checking in at the hotel in Recanati, Liht were taken to their first cultural visit of the sanctuary, which was truly breathtaking. The evening ended when Liht was treated to dinner at one of the finest local restaurants renowned for their creative fish dishes – Ristorante La Torre in Numana.

Friday was time for business with the lighting labs and factory tour. This involved an introductory session about the iGuzzini philosophy of why light is important towards enhancing our lives and to reduce the environmental impact on our wonderful world.

Liht tour iGuzzini factory Italy
LED lighting design from the tour of the iGuzzini factory Italy

During the Indoor Light Labs there was a vast array of examples and practices of iGuzzini’s products, all of which were truly fascinating and inspiring. There was a ‘Light Experience’ which focused on the new Laser Blade XS product range – providing ‘hidden’ lighting from recessed fittings with minimal glare so making it hard to identify the light’s location.

The next session was all about outdoor products and the ‘Light Experience’ this time included linear systems, such as the Underscore InOut and the Trick range of fittings – products that accentuate a building’s form and can use lighting controls for enhanced effects – as well as exterior products for general lighting with reduced glare and light spill.

Next was the factory tour, which allowed Liht to see where and how iGuzzini’s products are rigorously tested and produced to their high standards. This was then followed by more wonderful Italian food from iGuzzini‘s canteen.

Liht tour iGuzzini factory Italy
The caves visited on Liht’s tour of the iGuzzini factory Italy

Following this it was time to head to the Frasassi caves, a wonderous journey through enormous spaces with stalegtites and stalagmites that make Cheddar Gorge look quite small in comparison.

Before going to the Outdoor Lab to learn more, it was time to sneak in a bit more fine Italian food at Ristorante 1 Gels, Sambucehto.

At the Outdoor Lab Liht was shown the unique and clever iGuzzini product designs for residential and communal areas, all created in order to help and improve the enjoyment, safety and definition of urban living.

It was then demonstrated how iGuzzini street lighting has been designed to control and target light to where it’s actually needed, therefore reducing glare and light spill that would otherwise affect surrounding properties and impact on their residents’ wellbeing.

Liht tour iGuzzini factory Italy
LED lighting examples from Liht’s tour of the iGuzzini factory Italy

And it doesn’t stop there, as the iGuzzini street lighting range has the capabilities of being fully controlled, from dimming during the quieter periods in the middle of the night, to sensors that allow lighting on main roads to be dimmed and then triggered to full power when vehicles are approaching. Smart design systems that offer greater energy savings as well as maintain the safety of the inhabitants.

Feeling completely inspired, full of delicious Italian food, and blown away by the innovative designs and jaw dropping beauty of Italy, all that was left was for Liht to pop back on a plane to sunny Chester, ready to lead the LED revolution all the more. It was a trip that Liht will not forget for a very long time.


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