LED Revolution? Here’s the stats that prove it is happening!

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So you think that LED lighting isn’t for you? You’re happy with your traditional lighting, be it fluorescent or incandescent? You don’t think that LEDs will lead to savings? And as for lifetime of the unit it won’t last more than 2 years?

Well, here’s the stats from the US that prove there is an LED revolution happening. The lighting industry is changing and if you haven’t jumped on board the LED train it’s time to do so… Choo choo!

In the article5 Charts That Illustrate The Remarkable LED Lighting Revolutionby Joe Romm from Climate Progress, the changes that LED products are making to the lighting market are detailed. Key points being:

  • The cost of LEDs has dramatically reduced in the past 6 years whilst the number of LED installations have skyrocketed in their millions
  • The rapid adoption to LED lighting is one of the fastest technology shift in human history, with LED dominating sales by the end of this decade
  • LEDs now account for over half of US residential lighting sales
  • Power consumption from lighting is expected to drop by over 40% thanks to LED
  • A key catalyst for the growth of LED products has been aggressive mandatory phase-outs of incandescent lighting in all major markets

“On top of all that, in 2015, the world’s energy ministers embraced a Global Lighting Challenge, which is “a global race to accelerate phase-in of high efficiency, high-quality and affordable advanced lamps and lighting systems with a target of achieving cumulative global sales of 10 billion such units as fast as possible.” LED lighting will be a central focus.”

So there you go. If you haven’t yet started to switch to LED it’s only inevitable and it’s time to do so. All aboard the LED train… Tickets please!