LED retrofit improves office working environment

With a quick and easy change of the old fluorescent strip lights to LED tubes, you can revitalise an office space to provide a positive working environment.

A simple like-for-like change means you can keep the existing fitting and improve lighting levels from 200 lux (more suited for circulation areas such as corridors) to over 500 lux (an optimum lighting level for general office and meeting room areas).

From this change the lighting quality will also improve, so employees will suffer less from eyestrain and headaches associated with poor lighting quality from fluorescent lighting – LED tubes will provide an instant lamp start-up, no flickering and importantly, no Ultra Violet or Infra Red radiation.  As a result of these improvements employee productivity should also increase by as much as 5%.

With lamp lifetimes of over 50,000hrs – that’s over 13 years at a 9-5, 5 days/week usage – you will see considerable savings in your maintenance costs too.  And we haven’t even mentioned the 70% energy saving that LED tubes can offer!

So what would you rather?  Contact Liht and see what can be achieved for your office.  It really does make good business sense.

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