Increased retail sales from LED lighting could outweigh the energy savings

M&S Cheshire Oaks store

LED lighting not only provides immense energy and CO2 savings, but retailers can instead make more money from the revenue through extra retail sales.

According to Munish Datta, the head of M&S’s Plan A, retailers are only just beginning to realise how LED lighting can improve a space, so making it more comfortable for their staff to work in as well as improve the shopping experience for the customer.

A post occupancy study at their flagship Cheshire Oaks store, an exemplar for sustainable building with numerous accolades, shows that stores are far more attractive for customers to shop in that have LED lighting.  Therefore “the impact on a sales uplift may ultimately be far more than the value of direct savings from putting in LED”.

M&S revealed that they are to increase a roll-out of LED lighting after reducing energy costs by 20%.

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