Floodlighting Shining Bright For Leading Flooring Supplier

Liht LED Floodlighting Flair Rugs Goods In

One of the UK’s leading flooring suppliers is undergoing a refurbishment of their exterior floodlighting, with savings of £1,000/year being achieved.

… And that is just for lighting the building during the darker working hours in winter and their car park at night.

A mix of Heathfield LED floodlights are being installed, ranging from 20W up to 160W, to replace the energy hungry sodium, metal halide and halogen units.

Improved lighting levels and light light quality have been achieved, especially around loading bays and in the car park, so improving safety for staff and visitors all round.

The new LED lighting on the exterior of the building will see lamp lifetimes from 15 years, with car park lighting from 11 years (due to dusk-dawn use).

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