Done ESOS? Now Harvest The Benefits – Make LED Lighting Your First Step!

ESOS & working with Liht

So the deadline of 5th December 2015 for ESOS compliance has passed, and it’s now time to start working towards implementing your energy solutions.

With up to 40% of your energy bill being used on lighting, sometimes as much as 60%, switching to LED alternatives makes for a simple decision.

The Liht Approach

Working with Liht to provide your LED lighting replacements will ensure you receive optimum returns on your investment. After a review of your existing lighting systems, we will provide a cost-benefit analysis to ensure high Returns On Investment (ROI) based on the supply of the latest and most appropriate LED products.

Lighting designs can also be provided to ensure the required light levels are achieved, so improving internal environments, staff alertness and productivity and reducing health and safety concerns.

Immediate Savings At No Cost

Once installed your organisation immediately starts saving – from 70% on the previous consumption and possibly as much as 90%. You’ll also benefit from extended lamp lifetimes, typically 50,000 hours or around 15 years, as well as product warranties of 3 to 5 years. These all lead to the added benefit of reduced maintenance costs and making LED products fit-and-forget.

So with its proven high ROIs and fast payback, LED is one of the best solutions to achieve your ESOS targets. LED lighting is also key prior to the installation of any renewable energy scheme, reducing energy demand to as low as possible and so allowing to maximise the benefits of producing your own energy.

Finance schemes are available through the Carbon Trust, with the savings on reduced energy use covering repayments so no realtime cost to the business. Also costs of most products and installation are also available to be reclaimed via Enhanced Capital Allowances, so further reducing the financial outlay.

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