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Making Savings

LED lighting saves you money immediately, through lower energy use and longer product lifetimes, which significantly reduce maintenance bills over time when compared to traditional lighting solutions.

And that is before you consider increased staff productivity from improved working environments, as well as savings in tax from Enhanced Capital Allowances and lower Carbon Reduction Commitment Payments. Plus, there is also the added incentives of Energy Saving Finance and Loan schemes to make your LED business decision painless and even more profitable.

The ‘Liht’ approach takes you through the key project steps for your organisation, ensuring you get the benefits delivered to the bottom line:

Lighting Assessment ⇒ Product Selection & Solution Design ⇒ Business Case Preparation ⇒ Supply & Installation

Below are some case studies showcasing previous projects we have put together:

Multiple-tenant Office Complex

Energy savings for the communal areas alone were looked into for a commercial property company multi-tenant office building, operating 24/7 with electricity costs included within tenancy rentals.

Our client was therefore looking to improve their margin by reducing energy consumption whilst at the same time improving the quality of lighting – an improved look and feel to the communal areas would enhance the attractiveness of the offices to both existing and potential clients, with expected benefits in rental yields.

A full design was prepared based on providing a uniform lighting solution and removing the existing hotchpotch lighting fixtures.  Apart from being more aesthetically pleasing, it was designed to improve light dispersal and reduce the number of fittings.  This, when combined with motion detection and corridor dimming, drove attractive savings and improved the internal environments around the complex.


Electricity savings = 70%, over £4,600/annum

Return on Investment = > 95%

Payback based on energy savings =  1 year

Lamp lifetimes = > 50,000 hours, or > 11 years @ 24/7 usage

Distribution Warehouse

With the client being pro-active at reducing business costs and being aware of constant light failure, Liht were invited to carry out an assessment of the lighting installation.

We not only identified high energy bills, but importantly poor quality and inconsistent light distribution in both the high rack alleys and in the packing area, with implications for both productivity and Health & Safety concerns.

For flexibility two product solutions were provided to meet our client’s needs, with them opting to use the GE Albeo 96W unit with all work being carried out in-house.


Electricity savings = 78% @ £13,000/annum

Return on Investment = > 82%

Payback based on energy saving = 1.2 years

Lamp lifetimes = > 100,000 hours, or 32 years @ client usage rate

School Classrooms

With the school being an independent and term time only 177 days per academic year, a simple 6ft LED tube replacement was initiated.

An assessment for all the lighting was undertaken with the option of switching to LED battens.  LED tubes was the preferred option so allowing for direct like-for-like lamp replacements, as well as ensuring minimum purchase outlay with maximum returns.

The other key benefit is that there is now improved quality of lighting in the classrooms, with no flickering lamps and no UV or infra red radiation.  This in turn will lead to the concentration levels of the pupils increasing, especially during the afternoons, so potentially improving exam results.


Electricity savings = > 68%, over £4,000/annum

Return on Investment = > 43%

Payback based on energy saving = 2.3 years

Lamp lifetimes = 40,000 hours, or 28 years @ client usage rate

Arable Farm

Replacement of the 6ft T8 fluorescent tube lighting to LED units within the potato seed sheds, operating at 17 hours per day for 140 days per year.

Two products were suggested but with differing beam angles, so the wider beam and higher wattage unit was chosen.

This type of retrofit can be applied to many applications, such as in office, education and retail sectors.


Electricity savings = 58%, over £20,800/annum

Return On Investment = > 63%

Payback based on energy saving = 1.5 years

Lamp lifetimes = 40,000 hours, or 16 years @ client usage rate

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