LED retrofit improves office working environment

With a quick and easy change of the old fluorescent strip lights to LED tubes, you can revitalise an office space to provide a positive working environment. A simple like-for-like change means you can keep the existing fitting and improve lighting levels from 200 lux (more suited for circulation areas such as corridors) to over […]

Increased retail sales from LED lighting could outweigh the energy savings

M&S Cheshire Oaks store

LED lighting not only provides immense energy and CO2 savings, but retailers can instead make more money from the revenue through extra retail sales. According to Munish Datta, the head of M&S’s Plan A, retailers are only just beginning to realise how LED lighting can improve a space, so making it more comfortable for their […]

LED funding for colleges available with interest free loan

LED funding for colleges

LED funding pot of £5 million interest-free loans for colleges – can they do the math? Further education colleges are the latest to be handed an opportunity in the form of £5 million worth of interest-free loans from the public sector, allowing them to realise the benefits of LED lighting.  Payback of the loan only […]