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THORNeco LED Range Launched For Greater Savings

THORNeco and Liht LED lighting

The new THORNeco LED lighting range has been launched by Thorn to increase savings for budget and reduce energy costs further. Termed as ‘Economical LED Lighting’, the new Thorn range compiles state-of-the-art LED luminaires that are ideal for the like-for-like replacement of all traditional lighting sources within Office, Education, Industrial and Outdoor Applications. Their eco products are designed to […]

LED Colour Temperature and CRI Explained


The colour temperature and CRI rating are important for understanding what type and quality of light is needed, so to ensure a successful lighting installation and meet the needs of the building’s occupants. What you need to consider can be confusing depending on the requirements. So here are two key things to remember… Colour Temperature For the […]

LED Lifespan and Useful Lifetime Explained


The lifespan and useful lifetime of an LED are key when looking at investing in this technology, especially when calculating savings that can be made in maintenance costs. Not convinced that LED lighting is for you? Then surely these facts will make you decide that LEDs are well worth the investment… Lifespan As you have heard, LED products provide vastly improved lifespans […]

What is Unified Glare Rating and what should I know? Thorn Omega + Eaton Crompack LED

Wondering what the Unified Glare Rating means in a product data sheet? Is it important and should you consider it? Here’s your answer… As we know excessive glare can cause eyestrain and contribute to headaches, it is important to reduce direct glare and reflected glare within an office environment. Therefore we need to take into account reflections from […]

LED Revolution? Here’s the stats that prove it is happening!

Save Now with Liht

So you think that LED lighting isn’t for you? You’re happy with your traditional lighting, be it fluorescent or incandescent? You don’t think that LEDs will lead to savings? And as for lifetime of the unit it won’t last more than 2 years? Well, here’s the stats from the US that prove there is an […]

Done ESOS? Now Harvest The Benefits – Make LED Lighting Your First Step!

ESOS & working with Liht

So the deadline of 5th December 2015 for ESOS compliance has passed, and it’s now time to start working towards implementing your energy solutions. With up to 40% of your energy bill being used on lighting, sometimes as much as 60%, switching to LED alternatives makes for a simple decision. The Liht Approach Working with Liht […]

Floodlighting Shining Bright For Leading Flooring Supplier

Liht LED Floodlighting Flair Rugs Goods In

One of the UK’s leading flooring suppliers is undergoing a refurbishment of their exterior floodlighting, with savings of £1,000/year being achieved. … And that is just for lighting the building during the darker working hours in winter and their car park at night. A mix of Heathfield LED floodlights are being installed, ranging from 20W up to […]

LED retrofit improves office working environment

With a quick and easy change of the old fluorescent strip lights to LED tubes, you can revitalise an office space to provide a positive working environment. A simple like-for-like change means you can keep the existing fitting and improve lighting levels from 200 lux (more suited for circulation areas such as corridors) to over […]

Increased retail sales from LED lighting could outweigh the energy savings

M&S Cheshire Oaks store

LED lighting not only provides immense energy and CO2 savings, but retailers can instead make more money from the revenue through extra retail sales. According to Munish Datta, the head of M&S’s Plan A, retailers are only just beginning to realise how LED lighting can improve a space, so making it more comfortable for their […]