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Liht are proud to be suppliers to Gamma Illumination

Liht are proud to be suppliers to boundary breaking Gamma Illumination. Gamma Illumination is a UK designer and manufacturer of low energy lighting solutions. Their team of passionate designers and engineers draws inspiration from the latest technologies, materials and trends, whilst their manufacturing team pays particular attention to detail and quality in order to meet their high standards […]

Liht visits Italy for special tour of the iGuzzini Factory

iGuzzini Tour

Liht was thrilled to receive an invitation to attend a three day factory tour of iGuzzini (the leading Lighting Design Company in Italy), whom Liht is proud to supply. Liht’s Italian Light Experience After flying to Ancona and checking in at the hotel in Recanati, Liht were taken to their first cultural visit of the sanctuary, which was truly breathtaking. The evening ended when Liht was treated to dinner at one […]

Proud stockists of iGuzzini

iguzzini stockists

Liht are proud to be iGuzzini stockists of lighting solutions that incorporate quality and design into their products. As commercial LED Lighting Specialists, Liht supplies the latest lighting solutions from manufacturers at the cutting edge of LED technology. It is little wonder then that Liht is proud to stock iGuzzini and their innovative lighting designs. Designed and […]