Join The LED Revolution – Save with Liht

Commercial LED Lighting Specialists

Supplying the latest lighting solutions from manufacturers at the cutting edge of LED technology worldwide.

As well as supplying direct to site across the UK and Europe, we also supply projects in the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa.

– UAE, Kuwait, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, South Africa, Nigeria –

Whatever the sector, we will supply the latest LED solutions that will cut both energy and maintenance costs:

office – retail – education – healthcare – residential – hospitality – industrial

Our Guarantee

✔︎  The latest LED solutions

✔︎  Leading reputable brands

✔︎  Highest quality products

✔︎  No cheap imitations

✔︎  Typical 5 year warranties

✔︎  Bigger energy savings

✔︎  Improved light output

✔︎  Superior light quality